• Version 1: Unequal Treaties

    Version 1 The Unequal Treaties mod: Japan is in turmoil. In 1853, US ships have arrived and demand trade rights in Japan. If not accepted, than the cannons will open fire. The Shogun of Japan accepts the treaty and with this, prevent further escalation. But this treaty favors the US nation and many more Western nations come and take a piece of the cake like the United Kingdom and France. The Unequal Treaty has been born!

    10 44 Total FotS V1 Video Thread by izzi
  • Version 2: Scramble of the Far East Info Tab - Tier 1

    Version 2: The Scramble of the Far East. This version will concentrate as the name implies, on the Far East (or the continent of Asia). Many different (mini) campaigns will be added with it's own special game play/art/music/etc...during the Victorian Age.

    18 381 Total FotS V2 General Q/A by IdidNothingWrong2310
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