Weierstrauss in Master of Strategy uses this method to create more building slots. We have less settlements in FoTS V2, so when campaign is released, I might create a submod doing this: 
'This guide explains how the building system in MoSS works. 
Basically MoSS system separate castle slot level from the quantity of available slots (Like FotS)
Trick here is that actually do not do so, but make it looks so.
Settlements have
Castle Slot
5 normal slot (The ones you actually choose)
1 path slot
1 farm
1 region special
1 port

1)You must start with a lvl 4 (or above) castle at every single province. This open all 5 normal slots, yet only 4 being possible to set in starting conditions. Here some important notes: A) Every single chain in game must start with a lvl 0; B) Building level do not matter when it comes to upgrading. In MoSS in order to save castle maps space castles goes 0->4->2->3->1. Consider that lvl 0 is not used as you start with lvl 4.

2)The 4 slots you can pick at the startpos are split in 1 town and 3 ‘’blocked slots’’. Blocked slots can be upgraded to a building “Free slot”. They have to cost something. In MoSS the upgrade cost 100. Each slot need it’s own building chain. Note both, blocked slot and free slot need to be impossible to be destroyed. Otherwise you would be able to just delete the building and get a true free slot.

3)The town slot it’s just another normal building. The key is that each time it’s upgraded unlocks 1 of the 3 blocked slot. Lvl 0 none, lvl 1 one, lvl 2 one and two, and so on.

4)How do it unlocks the tiers? You need to make an effect for each chain that change the building cost. This effect it’s recommended to be invisible (priority set to 0). Where do you place this cost? One in the path slot. Why? Path slot cannot be damaged so this effect can never be deleted. Damaged building effects do not apply so would be an issue. Here place the making more expensive effect (PUT LOT OF ZEROS). MUST BE PLACED IN EVERY SINGLE BUILDING FROM THE PATH SLOT.

5)So now every time you upgrade the town it makes cheaper the slot by the same amount. So same effect but negative. Again if free slot cost was 0 it wont work.

So, so far we have a bunch of fake free slot and one free slot.

6)The true free slot need to be changed in order to make it look like a blocked slot, but this is optional.

7)The true free slot must only have one option to be upgraded and it will be yet another fake free slot. Again different chain. This building chain only have one building and it’s a lvl 0. All the other buildings must be blocked to be built. Use an impossible religion or tech. (This apllies to blocked slot building, town buildings, buildings from vanilla, etc). For vanilla buildings I used religions from fots, and for the lvl 0 of the mod I used zen tech that no longer applies to the mod.

Now you have the same condition for all slots. 3 free slots that are lvl 1 and 1 free slot that is lvl 0. Now you need to make your custom building chains. I’ll pick one as an example

8)You need to upgrade from a chain to another. This sounds weird but the AI would do it if only one condition is met. The level must be above the current one. The higher free slot lvl 1, so the first lvl for your chain is 2. I told you that chains start at 0 or game crash. This lvl 0 is yet another fake free slot that cannot be destroyed. I’ll explain this later on.

9)Now this lvl 2 building that is actually a fake lvl 0 needs to be faction unique. If not you would be able to generate several of the same in the same province and you don’t want this. But as you have several lvls how can you do so? Now you need to generate another chain. As well start at lvl 0 with a fake slot. The level you jump is lvl 3 in order to make the AI build it. You need no faction unique. Finally you need a third chain again the fake free lvl 0 and you jump to lvl 4. Annoying I know but a diagram will explain better why.

10)The lvl 0 building must make expensive all the buildings chains less the second chain. The lvl 2 from the second chain must make expensive first chain. And the lvl 3 from the third must make expensive the first and second chain.

Click image for larger version. Name:         Sin título.jpg Views:         13 Size:         183.1 KB ID:         356711
So let say you destroy at any point the building, you go back to a fake free slot but can only be upgraded to the lvl 0. You need to do such crossed upgrade, from the second and third chain to the first one.

If lvl 0 was not blocked to one per clan you would be able to make several at the same time.

You upgrade to lvl 1 and now lvl 0 is expensive. Problem is that if you already had a chain 2 free slot you would be able to upgrade from it to the lvl 1. Another iteration with the chain 3 makes this really hard. There might be yet another reason for the third chain, I should do the whole logic stuff again to find what was it, but copy it as truly work
I have no idea how I reached so complex system. Really guys.

11)Well finally extend this to all the chains. Something important is that every free slot must be possible to be upgraded to every chain lvl 0.

The whole system is a bit complex I know but it’s the best I was able to create.

Another good news is that it’s possible to add what it looks like infinite castle maps.
Castle maps have 7 variants that goes from Lvl 1 to 6, each one being the lvl of the building +1 (And the lvl of the building +2 for FotS). But if you add the lvl 7 battlemap then the game load it. Did not test yet which is the maximum amount but this plus the independence from free slots makes possible to arrange castles as you want.

I know the guide is far from be a clear one but please ask if you need. Also reverse engineer my MoSS mod. '
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