Sara Temer
Mod Team:
- Sara Temer - project leader, 3D artist, 2D artist, campaign map designer, database editor and technically all other things
 DeviantArt Twitter
- CherJair - animations
- Edred - 2D artist (concept art)
- Mareon - 2D artist (concept art, building icon)
 DeviantArt Instagram Artstation
- Lucius Arobel - 3D artist
- Luiza Aris - database editor

- Filip Olejka - Youtube
- Stan Lockfield (you will hear his music in next update) - Youtube

Old team:
- Vainwarlord - 2D artist (concept art, building icon)

Some assets are from games and mods:
- Total War series
- The Battle for Middle-Earth series
- Rise of Mordor (Attila)
- Medieval Kingdom 1212 (Attila)
- Third Age: TW (Medieval II)

Some arts are by:
- Skullbastard - some loading screens (DeviantArt)
- Finix - placeholder building icons (MK 1212 Team)

Some help from:
- RedClaw
- Hoar
- Owlcoholic

Special thanks for:
- izzi, uanime5, taw, Primergy, Havie, Weierstrass and other modders who worked on Shogun 2 and other Total War games

Mental support:
- Fernandez the Elephant

If I forgot about someone - write to me ^^'

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,

Last Alliance: TW - MODDB page
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