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Q: What is Last Alliance: Total War?
A: Last Alliance: Total War is epic mod for Shogun 2, which move game to world from Tolkien's books. You will find here new campaign map, new animations, new cultures, units and many more. At this moment is avaiable alpha with prologue Akallabêth.

Q: When will be next update?
A: Precisely when will be time for it.

Q: When will the campaign be released?
A: It's out now.

Q: Why is there no race A/faction A?
A: Because is not ready yet/Faction not existed in mod timeframe.

Q: Why is there no A region?
A: New regions are added together with factions who live on this lands.

Q: How to instal mod?
A: Read description of file on MODDB or read #how-to-play channel on Discord server.

Q: Why you didn't answer on my private message?
A: Three option:
- Because I'm not social person and too much contact with people is uncomfortable for me (even by internet). Sorry, probably I will answer later.
- Just I missed your message (because e.g. I read it when I sleeped)
- You asked about something from this FAQ and I'm too tired too answer on this again.

Q: How to play multiplayer/co-op campaign?
A: All players must run mod packs in the same order, check file:
C:\Users\ [Your user name] \AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\scripts\user.script

Q: Will be new castles?
A: Adding new playable walls is a bit complicated because we need to find way how to do it. And this is veeery time-consuming. So I don't have time for it now, but if someone very would to work only on it - you can fell free to do it.

Q: Will be new battle maps?
A: When I will find some free time (or when someone will could to do it instead of me) I would to add some new battle maps (and maybe also city maps without walls).

Q: Will you add new ships?
A: Not any plans for it now. One thing it is that find way to add new ships will be probably similar hard to add walls. But more imporant is it that for some reason AI not recruit custom naval units. So, because naval battles aren't that important in my opinion, then in mod will be only renamed vanilla naval units and I suggest to do only auto battle for naval battles. But if you are fan of naval battles then you can try fix this insues.

Q: Will you move project to another Total War on warscape?
A: Not, other Total War games on warscape not have tools to edit campaign map and I'm not programer or backward engineer to create such tools. So it not has sense to move project to another warscape Total War. This is campaign mod, not custom battle mod.

Q: If edition of campaign map in other TW would be possible then you would move project?
A: Then we will think about it. But from newer Total War games (RII and next) is only one for which I could make mods - Rome II.

Q: Why you don't make this mod on Total War: Warhammer? This is fantasy game so should be perfect to make LotR mod.
A: Like above - no tools to edit campaign map. But probably is more important that I don't like TW: Warhammer. Ahh, and CA don't give permission to do on Warhammer other mods than Warhammer.

Q: What factions are playable in mod?
A: In current Alpha v0.1.6 are available two playable cultures:
- Númenorean
- Haradrim

And 7 playable factions:
- Kingdom of Númenor
- Empire of Númenor
- Númenor Colony in Pelargir
- Númenor Colony in Umbar
- Númenor Colony in Vinyalondë
- Haradrim Black Snake Clan
- Haradrim Golden Lion Clan

More cultures and factions you will see in next updates.

Q: I needs DLC to play?
A: As I know, no.

Q: I can't play campaign! (campaign button is greyed)
A: It probably means that you not have vanilla Shogun 2, mod will be not work if you have only Fall of the Samurai expansion.

Q: Game crashing if I click custom battle.
A: Try remove this file:
C:\Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\battle_preferences\.sp_battle_setup.battle_preferences
Other solution can be, like above, that you don't have vanilla Shogun 2

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,

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