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Alpha version 0.1.0 (first release) include:
- One playable culture - Numenorean
- Numenorean units
- New animations for units with shields
- New campaign map with 28 provinces (Numenor Island) and 8 playable factions
- Important characters (Amandil, Tar-Miriel, Pharazon)
- New building chains for Numenorean
- New models on campaign map
- New resources (e.g. Mithril)
- New technologies and comander skill tree
- New music (by Filip Oleyka) and units sounds
- And more...

Alpha version 0.1.5 changes:
- 24 new provinces (Near Harad, Umbar, part of Gondor)
- Added new culture - Haradrim
- Added 15 Haradrim units
- Added 3 Teleri Elves units - available for Numenorean Elendili in important port provinces
- Added 3 new Numenorean units (Rangers, Scouts, Pikemen (last available only in custom battle atm)
- Removed Numenorean cavalry units (except added Scouts), but Numenorean factions can recruit local Haradrim cavalry
- Added resource: Spices
- Added many unit voices: for Numenorean, Haradrim and Elves
- Removed minor Numenorean factions on Island
- Changed name Miriel faction to Kingdom of Numenor and Pharazon faction to Empire of Numenor
- Added factions: Numenorean Colony in Pelargir and Numenorean Colony in Umbar
- Added 8 Haradrim factions, include two main: Black Snake Clan and Golden Lion Clan
- Many minor changes

Main changes in Alpha v0.1.6:
- 20 new provinces in Gondor, Enedwaith and Calenardhon (later Rohan)
- New armor for Nizar (Haradrim Black Snake Clan faction leader) (thanks Edred for great concept)
- New armor (still WIP) for Ikrimah (Haradrim Golden Lion Clan faction leader) (thanks Edred for mask concept)
- Nizar and Ikrimah now have own bodyguards (avaiable in campaign and custom battle)
- More variants of movemment animations for spearmen with shields by CherJair
- Some new building icons (for Numenorean) by Mareon
- New campaign settlement models for Haradrim
- Changes in economy - now some buildings basically generate less wealth, but other building can increase it
- Unplayable Wildmen factions in campaign (avaiable in custom battle, but it only few units - so I suggest to not play as them)
- Fixed problems with 2h sword animations
- Removed placeholder custom naval units and restored some vanilla naval units (because AI for some reason not recruit custom naval units)

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