Hello guys.
I present you with a raw map (based from my own prologue campaign). This has some regions where i added all playable factions to a region. The raw db file is included where only those regions are presented and all vanilla regions have been deleted and such. This makes it easier for a map builder to make their own campaign without starting from scratch.
May this raw files help you to make awesome mods and campaign maps for Fall of the Samurai (or Shogun 2).

unzip the folder and add the raw db file in your raw folder of your Assembly Kit.
You need 3ds max 2010 or 2013 (i added both versions)

THIS IS NOT A TUTORIALl! This means you need to know or start looking for a tutorial on the TW (Shogun 2) forums to start making a campaign map (here for example at TWCenter). It just helps you already further without being overwhelmed when you open the raw boshin map of the official modding tools and has just the playable factions to a certain region with only the settlements and farms present. The rest is up to you.
If you have any questions, than by all means. Off course, i can't make the map for you.
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