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Hi ^^
Because proces of removing vanilla provinces from campaign map is very time consuming, I put here files of RAW campaign map without vanilla provinces (on map is only placeholder provinces with Oda and Ashikaga, Pirates and Nanban - because this three I don't know how to remove). If someone want to create campaign map without Japan (or with totally different Japan) - can use this files as a base

- Unpack and put raw_data folder in your Assembly Kit mod folder
- (Optional) put working_data folder in your Assembly Kit mod folder - this files has removed from map some things like trees, bridge models, etc.

- In Max file you find three towns under placeholder provinces - it's only template and it's not there in startpos, so no export this to .CS2 format
- This is only for main campaign of Shogun 2, not for FotS or RotS


PS. If I forgot put something important in this file, write here about it

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