Here is a standalone mod that diactivates the shroud of the campaign map. This means that you can see everything on the campaign (agents, armies, factions, etc...). This of course makes the turn rounds slower. Because the game will render everything in game (SO BE WARNED!)

1. Download the "campaign_view.zip" file.
2. Unzip (extract) the "campaign_view.zip" file.
3. Open the extracted folder "campaign_view" and copy the pack file (campaign_view.pack).
4. Paste the pack file (campaign_view.pack) in your Shogun 2 data folder (by standard it's installed on your C drive: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War SHOGUN 2\data).
5. Run the game and activate with modmanager.
6. Enjoy the game and view of the entire campaign map.
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