I want to give credits to the following persons:

Primergy: I am using some elements of his N&SII mod like sfx sounds, unit parts, artillery, etc...
Weierstrass: For allowing me to use his extended Boshin map (MOS for Fots).
Radious: I am using some elements of his Radious mod for Shogun 2 Total War.
Uanime5: For the many tutorials he made for the modding community.
The Shark: For been a fantastic beta tester and feedback giver.
harry771: For letting me use some nice 3d unit parts that he created.
To the modding team of Blood and Iron (M&B), for letting me use many rifles and other 3d parts (especially ExParrot).


The Shark (beta tester)
harry771 (modeler and texturing)
izzi (Head modeler, Head texturing, db implementer).
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