Total FotS version 1: Unequal Treaties creates a "what if" storyline that applies on the western nations that had any influence on the Boshin war or even have indirect or direct intervened in it. Japan's landmass has been divided now with extra regions (3 in total, thanks to Weierstrass: Extended Japan map for Fall of the Samurai).
The United States of America where the ones responsible for the opening of Japan (by gunboat diplomacy if necessary). In 1853 the received a first visit under command of Commodore Perry and by 1857, the Tokugawa Shogunate was obliged to sign the Kanagawa Treaty. Giving The USA exceptional rights in Japan. By this fixed (low) prices for export/import duties that benefited only the American nation. The economy broke down in Japan and many former loyal clans where starting to plot against the Shogun and the foreign powers. Because shortly after the treaty, the British Empire and France signed similar treaties with the Shogunate.
The beginning of the end for the Shogunate or just a small rebellion?

- Play as one of the 3 main Western Powers (France, United Kingdom and United States of America) and defend your right to trade in Japan!
- Play as one of the pro Imperial clans and defeat all that stands in your way and defend the honor of the Emperor and reinstate him as rightful ruller!
- Play as one of the pro Shogunal clans and defeat those rebellious clans that want to destroy all power of the Shogun!
- Or....maybe, you can take yourself control in Japan. Why bothering with those corrupt clans that support the Shogun or the Emperor?
A new beginning can be a new start.
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