I want to give credits and special thanks to the following persons:

Primergy: I am using some elements of his N&SII mod like sfx sounds, unit parts, artillery, cavalry, etc...
Weierstrass: For allowing me to use his extended Boshin map (MOS for Fots).
Radious: I am using some elements of his Radious mod for Shogun 2 Total War.
Uanime5: For the many tutorials he made for the modding community and i use some unit parts of his Morning Sun Mod.
The Shark: For been a fantastic beta tester and feedback giver.
harry771: For letting me use some nice 3d unit parts that he created.
To the modding team of Blood and Iron (M&B), for letting me use many rifles and other 3d parts (especially ExParrot).
To the modding team of The Rising Sun mod Bakamatsu (M&B) for allowing me to use their 3d raw rifles (especially thanks to Helm8000).
To the modding team of the Crimean War mod (M&B) for allowing me to use their raw 3d parts (especially Ivkolya).
Based on the JAM's Realism mod.
A Shamfur mod by Lugie. Using some elements of his mod.
Agema Ippeon for letting me use the historical banners for Fots mod.
Mech Donalds BSM (Battlefield Smoke Mod).
Kurisu Paifuaa Shader Tweaks.
ValerBOSS (realistic) Blood mod.
Superghostboy Realistic Environment.
Daniu's battle camera mod.
Sirlion's Napoleon III model of his mod Risorgimento 1859.
taw for making awesome tools and converters for the TW modding community.
Loup Chantereaux aka [Z.A.K] for creating nice custom music for the mod.
Korean voice over (land battle sounds) by Park Jong Ryul and Kreg.
Frodo45127 for making the Rusted Pack File Manager (RPFM) available for Shogun 2.
Llew's Flinlock firearms (OSP Project).
hip63 for helping out for the launcher.


The Shark (beta tester)
harry771 (modeler and texturing)
Kaiser_Matt/Panzerkampfwagen (battle map editor, 2D art).
izzi (Head modeler, Head texturing, db implementer, sound editor, etc...).
Loup Chantereaux aka [Z.A.K], Custom in game music.

I want to thank the following people that have supported me on patreon:

My good friend Shark, Ale Bett, Brian, CBK, Claig Von Liechtenstein, Dominic Ooi, Drew Hunt, Everett White, Erik Pearl, Gustavo Garriguett, Henry Do, Jason Liu, Jonas Kaush, Kelvin Roulaine, Michael Flaig, MRENGLISHRULES, Noah Holden, Nicholas Craig, Robbles Quin, Robert D Hoshaw.
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