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  1. First TotalFots DLC --- Rule, Britannia Is Now Available.

Hi , lads and ladies .  I am your old pale, harry. After finishing my university this year, finally get some proper time to focus on this mod. And now, here I am, with the first dlc for this mod , also named Rule, Britannia.  Judged from the name, you should know this is a DLC for Britania. However , don't worry , there is still other dlc to come, I have plans for Prussia, Russia, and France. For now, the glory goes to Britania.

So pic you might want to check before you rush into the mod. 

1. 3rd dragoon guard

2.  Astralian Lancer
3. 11th Husar
4. gentlemen at arms
5. 1st lifeguard
6. yeomanry
Those are some of the DLC units. You can find much more of them in this DLC.So, are you ready for your fight, general?

download link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/o3gw21swa7al41c/rule_britania.7z/file
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installation instruction

1.dpwnload the 7z file.
2.extract the file .
3.copy the dlc_main.pack and dlc_modle.pack to your data folder .
4.lauch the game , in the mod managger , check these two packs along with other files of total fots mod .
5.and now , you should be good to go .

PS: it is only a beta version, it will update in future, and this mod requires the special version izzi upload in his patreon pages, for I use some cav animation of the latest in-dev total_fots mod. 
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