I'd like to share on of the mods that are really required to play the game better: Venice Unofficial Patch (Uploaded from The Patches Scrolls)

A summary of the major changes made by the Anno 1404 unofficial patch:

Over 21,000 lines of text reviewed to fix over 1,000 grammar issues, spelling mistakes, and typos.
Over 3,300 tooltips reviewed with hundreds of fixes and improvements to ensure accuracy and clarity.
Over 1,100 quest story texts present only in the German version have been translated and fully restored.
Localized over 300 words used in over 1,300 places to ensure 100% proper spellings for both the American and European English versions.
Added production chain ratios text to all relevant building tooltips; this is insanely helpful!
Added quest names to all dialogs offering quests so now you don’t have to accept to see the name.
Over 50 quest logic errors fixed – some cosmetic, some quest-breaking, and one game-crashing.
Fixed mismatched quest text and quest objectives for many extensive quests.
Fixed a few achievement bugs to finally allow all 316 achievements to be completed; five were impossible to complete for most players.
Changed achievement descriptions to actually match the requirements for a handful of achievements that had misleading descriptions.
Restored funny and witty achievement sentences for all achievement tooltips that were mistakenly removed.
Removed quest timer that adds 18 minutes to all quest queues effectively making it so you almost never get quests from some NPCs but lots from others.
All terminology standardized to remove ambiguity; a few terms renamed such as “Loan” is now “Grant”.
Renamed a few key buildings and goods to make more sense. For instance, “Animal Hides” don't come from Pigs, “Pigskins” do; the “Mill” should be called “Flour Mill”; “Eyeglasses” not “Glasses”, “Wheat Farm” not “Crop Farm”; and so on.
Implemented a consistent style guide regarding capitalization, names, and so on.
Added optional mods to make playing less tedious, such as infinite Norias and Resources, silencing annoying messages, and only having to find 1 wanted persons.
Countless other fixes and improvements – the major changes documented in the 30+ page change list.
=> Added a full read me file of the patch/mod.
=> Download

I take no credit for the patch/mod nor anything related to the patch/mod.
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